Who Is Betty Danger? ....

Well, Minnesota is confused about this(There is a restaurant in Minneapolis I recently found out about that bears my name called: Betty Danger's Country Club. I wish them the best, but for the questions sake: There is no relation), so I will explain to the world, in my own words, a little of Who "The Person/Musician" Betty Danger is....

My real name is Elizabeth Ann Danger. I grew up in the little town of Milaca, MN. I Currently live in Anoka, MN, Which I claim as my hometown because Anoka has claimed my heart.

People ask, "What kind of music do you play?" and I have no idea what to tell them except that I sing from my soul. I sing every word with thought. With Feeling. 

So maybe call me a "Soul Singer"

I also write A LOT! Songwriting and Singing go hand in hand for me. 


UPDATE on Recording:

I know I've made recent posts of bringing my buddies into the studio with me to record.....That one time showed me something about myself......

I was recently back into the studio for a second time, and will continue to go back and press on with a completely different approach and style. Betty Danger is and always will be a solo singer/songwriter. Not to say I won't play with a band. I do and still will. But I need to keep to the core of who I am as a musician. I've been doing live shows for my full-time job for roughly three years now and have strived for many great things. It's easy to lose your head, and i'm thankful for the wonderful people in my close circle that have lifted the singer/songwriter up in me once again!

Going into the studio to Finally record my songs,( some written 10-15 years ago!), is going to be different than my live shows.

I'm SO excited to share with the world the magic that has been happening at the wonderful Studio 65 in Ham Lake, MN! 

Thank you to everyone that has been waiting so patiently! All I can say is soon! Good things take time....thought...patients....

What you'll be listening to will be Gold!

-Betty Danger




The Happenings of Betty Danger:

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