Betty Danger is a singer songwriter from Minnesota. 

Betty Danger shows are an eclectic mix of covers and originals. Cover songs from all genres and eras with a twist only Betty can bring. Her originals are  described as “Outlaw Folk”, outlaw folk meaning: unfiltered stories and feelings created by a troubled artistic soul that doesn’t quite fit and doesn’t quite want to. 
“Music should be from the heart, not a sad attempt at duplicating what’s already been done. Cuz I’m just no good at faking shit.”

You can find her original music anywhere you stream tunes. She would love for ya'll to hit that "Follow" button on your favorite streaming platform!


After years of jamming alone, she finally found her partner in crime, Axel Thorslund. But not only do they play and write music together, they also fell in love.

A true fairytale lovestory, Axel and Betty met on instagram after liking and following each others music for a long time, they finally spoke and found out they were born in the same place...kind of! See Axel is from Mora Sweden and Betty was born in Mora Minnesota. Once they started talking, they haven't stopped since. Axel finally got up the courage to go on a "First Date" half way across the world to Minnesota. It was love at first sight and since then they've both been back and forth from Sweden to America.

April 29th, 2023 Axel and Betty got married and it was the best day ever! Now they’re in the long process of Axel getting his green card. 

You can follow Axel and Betty on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify,  YouTube, and tiktok to keep up with all the shenanigans! 

Betty is spending the summer of 2023 in Sweden with her husband Axel but she will be back in the fall to play some shows In Minnesota for y’all! 

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