Update 2-5-20: I was back in the studio this past Sunday recording more. I'm sooo excited for ya'll to hear my songs! Some new, some old.

Spring 2020 Release! 

Keep and eye out for it!




My name sparks a lot of questions, so here’s the facts folks: I was born Elizabeth Ann Danger. Growing up I was usually called “Liz” or just “Danger”. My parents called me Elizabeth  (which is my favorite), then came “DangerGirl” “Betty-Boop” and “Liza-Beth” , “Lix” was another unusual one. The most recent one I love is “ElizaBetty” Haha! 

I took on “Betty” about 6 years ago. Painting is what started it. I wanted an art alias I guess and I liked the signature. Plus it was still my name and just sounded badass to me.  In the 1940s, a baby Elizabeth was called Betty. It was classy yet edgy. So I took the name on stage with me when I started doing music full time. 
Most people now know me as “Betty”

I recently started switching everything on social media to “Liz”, (which has been a pain in the ass! 😂) Betty is definitely sticking around! I can’t get rid of her! Haha. But I prefer Elizabeth. A name really is a powerful thing and I love my name! So call me whichever nickname you want, I will always be “Elizabeth Ann Danger”......(and cue the catch phrase) “Yes, That’s really my last name.” 😂🤘


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The Happenings of Betty Danger:

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