Danger really is my last name.

I am a singer/songwriter/performer from Minnesota who also does many other artistic things on the side. I’ve done commissioned fine arts painting, I was also an on air dj at a local radio station for awhile assisting in marketing and sales. I finally said fuck it to everything else and started playing music full time. I’ve been playing music full time for about 4 years now. 

 Ya'll can go check out my first album, Loving A Gypsy, either on my sitewide player at the bottom of the screen or find it anywhere ya stream music. I hope ya'll check it out and enjoy! 


I'm in the process of recording my second album. Stay tuned for updates on that in the near future.

Droppin' a single March 6th,2021!!!! "Pain Makes Me Pretty," one of my favorite songs i've written! Can't wait for ya'll to hear it! 

Thanks for your support!

I'm just a redneck hippie gypsy musician that loves to create constantly. I love writing songs and love singing my heart out. I suck at all this social media mumbo jumbo promotional shit, but I can promise you what you get from Betty Danger is 100% real and all me. Genuine!

Seriously though, thank you for all the support and please leave a message if you like songs. I would love to know ya'lls opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Fans are soooo important to me! Thank you Thank you Thank you! 

Please check out, "Pain Makes Me Pretty" anywhere you stream music on March 6Th, 2021!!!

Rock on! 

Cheers ya'll!