Hello world! The name's Elizabeth Danger. Yes, Danger really is my last name. My art goes by “Betty Danger”, cuz I think it has a nice ring to it. I'm a Musician/Artist born and raised in the woods of central Minnesota. I love to sing, write poetry, paint, knit, and pretty much create constantly. I feel like my creating is me trying to figure myself out and trying to figure the world around me out. I never take things for surface value...I always dig to the deeper meaning. 

I want to know everything on a deeper level. 
I am an explorer. Digging into dimensions of the mind and soul. What you hear and see...my art....are my discoveries thus far. 



What's a Betty Danger show like?

An Eclectic mix of whatever I feel like playing that night, covers and originals, and always a chill atmosphere because Betty Danger does not dig drama ya'll! Good Vibes! Peace N Love N all that Jazz.....Except when singing about men that dun this woman wrong! Love Life and Live Dangerously!